Mission And Vision

The company’s goal is to provide for consumers’ cheap electricity from renewable, reliable, flexible, environmentally friendly hydro resources in accordance with the requirements, of the ongoing reforms in the energy sector. In order to maintain the technical and economic efficiency of the electricity produced by HPPs, the company is using energy resources effectively and rationally, along with the appropriate planning of the operating modes of power plants under their safe operation conditions.

During the period of operation of JSC “EP Georgia Generation” in Georgia, all necessary measures to ensure the reliable and continuous operation of the hydroelectric power station, as well as the systematic modernization of electrical equipment in accordance with the requirements of modern standards, including monitoring systems of hydro technical structures and water flow hydrometric stations, both at the headworks and at the reservoir, are constantly being carried out outside the influence zone.

Next five years company plans to achieve the operation of generation facilities according the requirements of the new rules in energymarket in Georgia.