JSC “EP Georgia Generation” released the fries into the River Mtkvari

JSC “EP Georgia Generation” has started implementation of ten years project of preservation and reproduction of endemic species of fish in River Mtkvari. Within the project scope, up to 30 000 fries of three species of the fish were released in Mtkvari.  

At nearby territory of Zahesi dam, specialists have released the fries of three species – wild carp, barbells and khramule (fish) featuring the fauna of Mtkvari in the river. 10 years project of artificial reproduction and return into the nature of fish variety (restocking) was elaborated by the company and after agreement with the corresponding entities started to work on it. It helps remaining of the population of these species into the River. Release of the fries into the river is planned to be fulfilled every 2 years.   

“In accordance with the term to update assessment of the impact on environment, “EP Georgia Generation” has conducted special survey on necessity to restore indigenous varieties of the fish and their recovery. In compliance with the survey results, ongoing project was elaborated and started working on its implementation. Within the project scope company plans to organize fish protecting in the near future, that excludes fish hitting in HPP derivation channel” – was stated by Mariam Mchedlishvili, head of the Environment Protection Service of “Energo-Pro Georgia Holding”.

Dams constructed on the river creates resistance for the fish and implementation of restocking projects sets the remaining of their natural number and protection as an object. Project is agreed with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia. Company periodically will ensure monitoring for revealing the project proceeding and additional needs.   

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