Cascade of Gumati HPPs

Gumati-I HPP and Gumati-II HPP hydroelectric power plant, that make up the cascade of Gumati HPPs, consider the energy use of the middle waist of the river Rioni in the 12 km section, from the village of Zhoneti to the reservoir of Rioni HPP.

 Gumati –I HPP

            Gumati -I HPP is type of hydroelectric power plant is an impoundment facility. At a distance of 7 km from Kutaisi, in the north-west direction, a concrete gravity dam is built on the river Rioni, which forms a reservoir for 24-hour regulation of Gumati-I HPP.  Nowadays, Gumati-I HPP operate without regulation- “run-of-river”.

            Gumati-I HPP was put into operation in 1958. The design generation of electricity  is 256.0 million kWh. As a result of the rehabilitation works of hydro units №1, №2,№3 carried out at Gumati-I HPP, the installed capacity of the HPP increased to 48.4 MW, instead of the design installed capacity of 44.0 MW.

GumatiII HPP

            The second stage of the Gumati HPP cascade is the diversion hydroelectric power plant – Gumati -II HPP Through the derivation channel, Gumati- II HPP is supplied with water flow for power generation of by Gumati – I HPP

            Gumati – II HPP was put into operation in 1956. Its design installed capacity is 22.8 MW, the design generation of electricity   is 138.0 million kWh.

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