For the rehabilitation of Ladjanuri HPP, only in 2023, more than 24 000 000 GEL was invested

JSC “EP Georgia Generation” carried out the reconstruction actvities of the 3rd unit at the Ladjanuri HPP, as a result of which the installed capacity of the HPP increased from 113.7 MW to 115.568 MW – the company spent more than 24 000 000 GEL for this project.

“EP Georgia Generation” brought the turbine and other necessary technical equipment for rehabilitation from Europe, in particular – from Slovenia, and installation works were carried out by Czech specialists.

The rehabilitation-reconstruction process of Ladjanuri HPP was carried out continuously. From 2007 to 2023, more than 44 000 000 GEL was invested for the rehabilitation of the Plant.

It was not the first time when the installed capacity of Ladjanuri HPP increased as a result of rehabilitation. A few years ago, when the company rehabilitated the first unit of the HPP, the existing capacity increased from 111.84 MW to 113.7 MW.

It is an honor for “ENERGO-PRO Group” to own energy facilities with a similar history in Georgia. It is also worth noting that their operation continues successfully, as a result – the power plants that at a time were in a rather bad condition, nowadays not only record their design capacities, but their installed capacities are also increasing. For example, important projects have been implemented and tens of millions of GEL have been invested in Ladjanuri HPP, Gumati Cascade and Rioni HPPs.

“We think that it is the right approach without an alternative, that first of all the efficiency of the existing hydropower plants in the country should be maintained, and the indicator of generated electricity should be close to the maximum level, any kind of loss should be excluded,” – said Levan Sachaleli, a member of the Board of Directors of “EP Georgia Generation”.

The construction of Lajanuri HPP was started in the 1950s and the plant was put into operation in 1960. From the beginning, HPP was outstanding in Georgia with its characteristics. In particular, an arched dam was designed and built for the first time on Ladjanuri. Its height is 69 meters and it was a kind of prototype of Enguri HPP. Also, Ladjanuri HPP is the first underground power station in Georgia. The length of the access tunnel directly to the HPP machine hall is 250 meters.

სს ,,ეპ ჯორჯია გენერაციამ“ ლაჯანურჰესზე მე-3 აგრეგატის რეკონსტრუქცია განახორციელა, რის შედეგედაც ჰესის დადგმული სიმძლავრე 113.7 მგვტ-დან  115.568 მგვტ-მდე გაიზარდა -  აღნიშნული პროექტისთვის კომპანიამ 24 000 000 ლარზე მეტი დახარჯა.

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